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"Seek the World"- features Gosia's Pierogies

Check out this great vide— "Seek the World"- features Gosia's Pierogies. Thanks Calvin Young, you’re the best!

About Us


Our Pierogie

Our Pierogie

Our Pierogie

  Gosia’s Pierogies are made from a secret family recipe originated in Poland & handed down from generation to generation. In addition to the original potato & cheese we have seven other varieties that are sure to tantalize your taste buds also! We make everything from scratch, we even peel our potatoes & use the highest quality & freshest ingredients; no additives or preservatives.  


About Us

Our Pierogie

Our Pierogie

 Run by Jan and Terry Rawecki, Gosia's Pierogies are made from a secret family recipe that was handed down from Terry’s grandmother in Poland. Since 2001, Gosia's Pierogies has made its pierogies from scratch, using only the highest quality, chemical-free dairy products, such as handmade dough, real cheese, fresh chopped onions, and fresh produce. Even the potatoes are peeled by hand!


And More...

Our Pierogie

And More...

 Jan and Terry, a husband-and-wife team, started the company after compliments began pouring in regarding the incredible taste of Gosia's Pierogies. This was a result of fuzzing together Jan's memories of growing-up in Poland and Terry’s Polish grandmother who passed away at the age of 92. 

Say "NO MORE” to pizzas, hoagies and candy, and say YES instead to pierogies!


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How to…

1.  Email Amy

amy@gosiaspierogies.com to setup your dates

2. Print the simple to use order form 

3. Start selling Gosia’s Pierogies for $7.00 per dozen or more (earning $2.50/dozen or more)

4. Place your order with Terry about 1 week in advance

5. We deliver!


Support the Cause=Happy Customers

Gosia's Pierogies puts the pride back in fundraising with high-quality products that practically sell themselves. Our products are ones that people would want to serve to their families. With easy-to-use forms and great customer service, Gosia’s Pierogies are great for supporting your cause. Contact us and we’ll work with you. 

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