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 Gosia’s Pierogies are made from a secret family recipe originated in Poland & handed down from generation to generation. In addition to the original potato & cheese we have seven other varieties that are sure to tantalize your taste buds also! We make everything from scratch, we even peel our potatoes & use the highest quality & freshest ingredients; no additives or preservatives. 

About Us


 Run by Jan and Terry Rawecki, Gosia's Pierogies are made from a secret family recipe that was handed down from Terry’s grandmother in Poland. Since 2001, Gosia's Pierogies has made its pierogies from scratch, using only the highest quality, chemical-free dairy products, such as handmade dough, real cheese, fresh chopped onions, and fresh produce. Even the potatoes are peeled by hand!

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 Jan and Terry, a husband-and-wife team, started the company after compliments began pouring in regarding the incredible taste of Gosia's Pierogies. This was a result of fuzzing together Jan's memories of growing-up in Poland and Terry’s Polish grandmother who passed away at the age of 92.

Our Team Members

Grandma Charlotte


Mother of Terry Smith-Rawecki

Lifelong team member

The face of the Ligonier Country Market

Amy Dent


Daughter of Terry & Jan Rawecki

The voice of Gosia's Pierogies

Community Manager

Kathy Tibbott


Friend of Terry Smith-Rawecki

VP of Business Development