Frequently Asked Questions


How do I prepare my pierogies?

1. Saute onions separately

2. Brown thawed/frozen pierogies on medium heat in a skillet to your liking using pam, butter, or olive oil.

TIPS: DO NOT BOIL, Easier if thawed

Do we use eggs in our dough?

No, our dough does not contain eggs. We use flour, water, oil, and salt.

What's in your pierogies?

Potato and cheese- potato, cheddar  cheese, salt, pepper, onion and onion
Sauerkraut- sauerkraut, onion, salt, pepper and sugar
Sweet Cabbage- cabbage, onion, salt, pepper and sugar
Sweet Potato- sweet potato, nutmeg, salt, pepper and brown sugar
Potato and Feta- potato, feta, salt and pepper
Prune- prune, lemon and sugar
Cottage cheese- dry cottage cheese, onion, sugar, salt, pepper and chives

Do we cater?

Yes, we do cater for your event. We prepare them with sauteed onions in an aluminum foil pan for $8/dozen, which can either be picked up or delivered ($20 delivery fee- within 1 hour of Latrobe).