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You can find us at festivals all over the Easter US- Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Maryland, AND Pennsylvania OF COURSE. Check out our festival schedule for more information. 

Farmer's Markets


Farmer's Markets are how we originated. Our first market was the Ligonier Country Market back in 2001. We started with making 40 dozen per week and the rest is history! You can still find us at the Ligonier Country Market on Saturday mornings and Market Square on Thursdays for lunch. 

Local Grocery Stores


You can find our pierogies at local grocery stores like: 

Bardine's Country Smokehouse

East End Food Co-op 

Lapp Family Market

Arlington Market in Jeannette



Say "NO MORE” to pizzas, hoagies and candy, and say YES instead to pierogies!

Gosia's Pierogies puts the pride back in fundraising with high-quality products that practically sell themselves. Our products are ones that people would want to serve to their families. With easy-to-use forms and great customer service, Gosia’s Pierogies are great for supporting your cause. Contact us and we’ll work with you. 



Due to a high demand for shipping, back in the fall of 2018, we started offering shipping our pierogies. Visit our ship page to place your order



 So, who is Gosia's? Surprisingly, the company is named after Jan's sister. Jan decided one summer to sell pierogies at an event, and hastily wrote down the business name as “Gosia’s Pierogies” simply because he liked the name Gosia. The name has stuck ever since. 

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